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Welcome to the official web Site of Mutholy Service Co-Operative Bank Ltd No: 1631,Thekkummury,Puliyannoor P O. Phone H O Thekkummury 04822 205121, Secretary 04822 205912,President 04822 206506, Padinjattinkara Branch 04822 251181, Neyyoor Branch 04822 205087, Kaniyakkad Branch 04822 297570, E-mail ID :      

Ordinary Loan

Personal loans can be availed up to an amount of Rs.25 lakhs against individual security or pledging Land . This type of loan can be remitted  with in an year as one time payment or in multi installment  mode for 3 or 5 year periods.

5% of the total interest will be given as a rebate for those who pay back the amount in the stipulated time. Interest rate is 13.50% for this loan. It is 1.16 rupees per month for hundred rupees.